Hello, I’m Isa. I am a doctoral candidate and digital analyst from cologne focusing on Innovation research and digital transformation.

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Isa Taspinar

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

I Craft Digital Experiences That Combine Design, Technology & Strategy. I am especially passionate about solving business Problems. I love to make sense of complex problems and shout out the word of clarity in every work. My objective is revenue, strategy, customer loyalty and the brand, but there is a greater focus on strategic decisions so I am working with marketing, account, sales and editorial to create a blueprint for the digital business. Importantly it is using analytics to get closer to the customer. We need those windows of analytics, testing, social and an attitude of ‚let’s experiment‘. It is all about users needs, and Ability to influence business strategy through users and digital awareness.

What I Do
  • Online Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Digital Analysis
  • Content Audit
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • SEO Audits
  • Social Marketing
  • NEC Strategy
  • SEO Audits
  • Branding
  • Public Speaking
  • Google Analysis and Product Management

What are my key skills?

For me, it is essential to develop a deep and detailed view of customer and their behaviour, across all channels. In addition, using customer focused technology, gives unique opportunities. My Key Skills is coming up with:

My Personal Impact

I can develop and implement creative solutions to challenging problems and work well with teams to do it.

My Entrepreneurial Drive

I have a entrepreneurial spirit: innovative by nature, always creating new approaches, products, services, and technologies.

My Problem Solving Skills

Helping clients solve tough problems and implement solutions requires strong intellectual abilities and rigor as well as a practical sense of what works and what does not.

My Leadership Abilities

I try to lead myself through the skills i learn from my Team leaders and i can foster effective teamwork to drive results.

What are examples of successful outcomes and responsibilities from my professional experiences?

Drives the brand and campaign strategy.

Lead all marketing initiatives.

Run strategic inputs for the business planning process.

Initiated a series of digital strategies aiming to spread the world about the company and to engage the community.

Optimized the business models of 5 product lines, resulting in a 23% higher revenue than expected.

Optimized 4 established procedures, increasing regional revenue by 16%

Organizing and Managing Process Innovation.

Managed actively the market analysis & report of competitors

Report to the Head of Planning

Reached 25% increase in faster project growth

What is my approach to digital business?

I am into digital transformation with a dedication to helping businesses and individuals alike bring their ideas to life through effective and, more importantly, functional strategy and content. With a very good understanding of concepts like branding, strategy, content and user experience, i am a extremely capable digital native.

My approach to customer journey and user experience is to constantly advocate for the user’s needs. I received my bachelor’s and master’s (2016-17) in communication/media studies from the University of cologne, where I learned about human behavior and what drives people.

My fascination with human behavior led me to formalizing my interest in users needs as well as marketing. I completed 3 different internships intensive where I learned the tools and process behind making great products. Combining those two educational experiences has allowed me to listen to and understand people to deliver them phenomenal experiences.

High Performance

Performance is the key to achieve high revenue and a great ROI.

And that is the Reason why I stand for strategic thinking, making values visible, viral and for collaboration.

Technology for social good

I am enthusiastic about using technology for social good and stretching our imagination to comprehend and make use of the discoveries in the universe.

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